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Updated: 2/6/2022

PROFESSIONAL PERCUSSION PRODUCTS is proud to provide all our showroom guests and global customers a complete assortment of the entire JG Percussion products line. We STOCK ALL MODELS, for immediate shipment.

Please make your section from the following:

Using the highest quality natural and synthetic materials. Each pair is sewn by hand with high-quality American and German Felt, and each mallet is handmade by JG percussion.

David Herbert Signature Line

Redesigned and reinvented, we are proud to introduce the David Herbert SIGNATURE line of timpani mallets. Each pair features the same innovative carbon fiber (graphite) shaft as before - and every pair is handmade by JGpercussion.

Each stick is 14.5 inches long (37 cm) and has a slight taper from the handle to the head of the mallet.

Descriptions in parenthesis denote the previous model number.

DH1 "Mozart" (1WA)
Hard American felt over a small wood core. This is an articulate stick that works well for Mozart, Beethoven or any other music that requires the utmost of clarity.

"This stick gives a clear tone with rhythmic incisiveness" - David Herbert

DH2 "Beethoven" (2F)
Soft American felt over a small felt core. This mallet gives a sound that has a combination of articulation and warm, full tone. Works well for rhythmic passages in Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and whenever a buoyant, clear sound is required.

"This is a wonderful stick for solo moments in the orchestra; it has a full sound with a clear rhythmic impetus. It is also a great mallet for solo repertoire."
- David Herbert

Soft German felt over a small felt core. Articulate and warm, this mallet is capable of clean sounds and sustained pitch.

"This is my favorite stick for general playing."
- David Herbert.

DH3 "Tchaikovsky" (3W)
Soft German felt over a wood core. A great all-purpose timpani mallet. Ideal for all styles and genres, this stick has both rhythmic clarity and a smooth tone for rolls.

"The DH3 is one of the most versatile sticks in my case. It sounds great all of the time!" - David Herbert

DH4 "Medium Rollers" (4F)
Soft German felt over a medium sized felt core. This mallet has a big legato sound for smooth sounding rolls on timpani of any size. Great for when a big presence is needed in the orchestra - it's perfect for Mahler, Brahms, and Tchaikovsky.

"I use this versatile mallet for the full dynamic spectrum including the loudest passages and the softest solo moments, like New England Triptych and Mahler's Fifth Symphony." - David Herbert

DH5 "Ravel/Debussy" (5L)
Ball stick design with soft German felt over a cork core. Back by popular demand, this is an excellent ball-type roller mallet with a minimum of contact sound with the head. The tone quality is beautiful due to the lightweight construction.

"This mallet makes clear tones with a focused pitch"
- David Herbert

DH6 "Large Rollers" (6F)
Soft German felt over a large felt core. This is the ultimate large roller mallet, with a dark sound that is smooth and legato. Great for powerful passages in Shostakovich and Wagner.

"This mallet has an enormous sound at all dynamic levels - for moments when full sonority is required at all dynamic levels." - David Herbert

DH7 "Rite of Spring" (L1WA)
Hard American felt over a large wood core. This is a rich and full sounding stick with a clean attack, perfect for driving the orchestra such as the majority of passages in Rite of Spring and the second movement of Beethoven Symphony No. 9.

"The construction of this mallet and combination of weight and materials delivers plenty of rhythmic drive and power." - David Herbert

DH8 "Haydn" (MWL)
Soft chamois leather over a wood core. This is a hard stick with a clean attack for extremes in articulation, perfect for Baroque music, or the music of Bach, Haydn or Mozart. Works well as a substitute for wood sticks on plastic heads, and the chamois leather eliminates unwanted contact sound. "The most articulate mallet available and a perfect substitute for wood mallets, especially on modern instruments. Conductors love these mallets." - David Herbert

Joseph Pereira Signature Line

Re-designed with European-style bamboo, JGpercussion is proud to present the Joseph Pereira Signature series of timpani mallets.

All of the mallets in the Joseph Pereira Signature line are made from strong, hand-selected bamboo that has a perfectly sanded joint in the center of the mallet. Mallets with a ball-stick design (JP 1-5) are hand-sewn with the highest quality soft German felt. Mallets with a European layered design (JP 6-10) feature layers of leather and German flannel.

Each pair is made from bamboo 11mm in diameter, and each mallet comes fitted with a European-style handle grip.

German felt over a small wooden core.

"A great all-purpose stick." - Joseph Pereira

German felt over a small felt core.

"This stick has an articulate yet dark sound." - Joseph Pereira

Re-designed with German felt over a small cork core.

"An agile yet warm sound." - Joseph Pereira

German felt over a large cork core. An all-purpose heavier European style mallet.

"This mallet creates a two-tone effect, especially when played-in a little." - Joseph Pereira

Multiple layers of extra-soft German felt over a synthetic core. A silky roll stick with a legato attack.

"This stick sounds great - there's nothing like this available!" - Joseph Pereira

Small hard leather discs for extremes in articulation.

"A great substitute for wood ball mallets, especially on calf skin heads." - Joseph Pereira

An innovative combination of layers of leather and flannel.

"An articulate stick without an extreme edge." - Joseph Pereira

Small hard flannel discs, stacked tightly for an articulate sound.

"A traditional European flannel stick." - Joseph Pereira

Medium sized soft flannel discs. An articulate but warm sounding stick.

"Perfect for plastic OR calf heads." - Joseph Pereira

Large soft flannel discs for a big, dark articulate sound.

"The possibilities for sound with this stick are endless!" - Joseph Pereira

JGpercussion Classic Timpani Mallets

Designed in collaboration with master-craftsman Glenn F. Smith, these hickory shafts are hand-turned for perfect balance and great feel. Each pair is sewn by hand with the highest quality materials.

Each stick measures 14.5 inches long (37 cm) and has a slight taper from the handle to the head of the mallet.

A Classic sound for all of the music you play - made by JGpercussion

CL 1 "Stravinsky"
American felt over a small wood core. An articulate stick with tone and body. Works well for fast moving passages that require a clear sound.

CL 2 "Bartok"
Liner felt over a rounded cork core, a quick, clear articulate sound. Great for Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta and the last movement of Concerto for Orchestra.

CL 3 "Brahms"
German felt over a wood core, a great all-purpose mallet. A big, warm sound that works with Symphonies and the German Requiem.

CL 4 "Dvorak"
German felt over a small cork core, a versatile stick with focused pitch. Good for general playing and for solo moments in Symphony Nos. 8 and 9.

CL 5 "Legato Roller"
Ball stick, German felt with a cork core, a soft roll stick for sustained tones. With a tone that is long and legato, this mallet is unlike any ball stick that you've ever heard!

CL 6 "Sibelius"
German felt over a large cork core. A big agile sound for clean rolls. Perfect for Finlandia and any pieces requiring sustained rolls with a big sound.

CL 7 "Shostakovich"
German felt over a large wood core, a powerful stick for the largest sound. Whether it's the Fifth Symphony of the solo from the First Symphony, this mallet produces a tremendous amount of tone.

CL 8 "Warm Baroque"
Chamois leather over a rounded cork core, for articulation without a harsh sound. Great for Handel's Messiah or Mozart and Haydn.

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