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Updated: 2/6/2022


We've all waited for this announcement that the complete library of T.A.P Videos are now IN-STOCK for immediate shipment as DVD format.

If you've been holding off purchasing the complete library, now is the time to make the decision and purchase.

The Art of Timpani video series

Sewing Felt Timpani Sticks - with Mark Yancich
Atlanta Symphony Timpanist, Mark Yancich, demonstrates all aspects of sewing timpani sticks in this two-part video. Information on various types of sticks and their cores, as well as ordering the felt, measuring, cutting, splitting and sewing methods for both "Cartwheel" and "Ball" sticks is all included. Save money and improve your sound by customizing your own sticks. (140 minutes)

Tucking Calfskin Timpani Heads - with Cloyd Duff
This instructional video is intended to help preserve the art of calfskin head tucking and to assist those who wish to explore the wonderful sound of calfskin. Cloyd Duff (retired timpanist, The Cleveland Orchestra) demonstrates head tucking techniques that are essential for producing the most beautiful tone quality a fine calfskin has to offer, with mounted and tuned properly. (80 minutes)

Changing and Tuning Plastic Timpani Heads - with Mark Yancich
Here is a step-by-step process for changing timpani heads in this video with Mark Yancich, Atlanta Symphony Timpanist. With emphasis on the sound of the timpani and mechanical procedures, Mark demonstrates and explains a vast amount of information (including 'clearing' heads) to assist timpanists in producing the most sonorous quality of sound a drum has to offer. (80 minutes)

"Timpani Concerto No. 1" (The Olympian) by James Oliverio - Recital Version performed by Mark Yancich
We proudly present Mark Yancich in a performance video of Oliverio's "Timpani Concerto No. 1". In this version of the piece, the soloist utilizes a "Synclavier" (synthesizer) orchestral accompaniment. As you will experience in this performance, this piece for eight kettledrums is one of the most dynamic and inspiring timpani solos ever written. It is the perfect match of virtuoso writing with virtuoso performance. (25 minutes)

NEW! - Just Released!

Rudimental Swing Drumming and Harold Firestone Solos with Jack Bell
One of America's greatest snare drummers, Jack Bell can be heard on numerous recordings with the Grammy Award winning Atlanta Symphony Orchestra where he served as Principal Percussionist from 1967-1999. Jack's style of rudimental swing drumming bridges the gab between the old N.A.R.D. traditional interpretation of the 26 Standard American Drum Rudiments and the rudimental style used in today's modern drum corps.

Included on this DVD are discussions and demonstrations of some of these rudiments, his "Six Propers" of Rudimental Swing Drumming (proper rhythm, stickings, dynamics, ornaments, continuity and speed), and four styles of Ruffs with emphasis on the sixteenth-note-triplet swing interpretation. Mr. Bell then concludes with performances of Firestone's original snare drum solos.


  • Head Gauges
  • Calf Head Tucking Tools
  • Pure Mutton Tallow (Timpani and Drum Head Lubrication)
  • A-440 Tuning Forks

Head Gauge
The Head Gauge works easily on any style of timpani and makes putting a new head on simple! It is effective in precisely gauging the amount of distance each tension rod has tightened. The result is an evenly pulled down counterhoop and an evenly tensioned head.

Calfskin Head Tucking Tool
Custom designed for use on all sizes of calfskin heads and hand-crafted of solid brass to last a lifetime, this is really 2 tucking tools in one. It has 2 different sized "tucking bends", is inexpensive, 'feels' good in the hand, and will not damage your calfskin during tucking.

We are now offering complete Printed Materials from Mark Yancich WIND MUSIC PUBLICATIONS:

Oliverio: DYNASTY Double Timpani Concerto solo parts

Oliverio: Timpani Concerto #1 solo part

Oliverio: Timpani Concerto Orchestral Score

Oliverio: Timpani Concerto Orchestral "Perusal" Scores

Dantreume leu Pliska (Duet for timpani and Double Bass)

LadyBird (Snare drum solo)

"3 Cycles" (3 accompanied snare solos)

Thyme (Percussion Quartet - easy)

Reggievision (Percussion sextet - moderate)

Uruk-Hai (Percussion ensemble 6 or more players & Solo Drumset)

The Art of Musicianship by Philip Farkas

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