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Updated: 4/10/20


Northeast Ohio now has a solution and resource for those big orchestral percussion instruments necessary for concerts, performances, tours and pit orchestra engagements.

By popular demand, select inventory of top quality brand name orchestral percussion instruments and accessories has been allocated for local RENTAL PERFORMANCE USE. Complete cartage service is available, eliminating the costs and worries about moving your own equipment, storage and liability.

Current inventory of instruments available for rent includes:

  • Malletech Five Octave Rosewood Marimba
  • Timpani, Set of Four Ludwig Professional Symphonic, with gauges (2 sets) (fifth 20" drum available)
  • Timpani, Set of Three Ludwig Portable Crank-style, with gauges (Pit or Choir Loft use)
  • Vibraphone, Musser Century M-75 or M-55 Pro Vibe , 3 octave
  • Chimes, 1.5 octave Musser M-635 Brass, with assortment of mallets
  • Glockenspiel, Musser M-645 2.5 octave-steel, with Equilibrium tilting stand
  • Xylophone, 3 octave Musser-Kelon bar with Equilibrium Stand
  • Conga Drums, 11 & 12" Latin Percussion on individual floor stand baskets
  • Bongo Drums, 8 & 10" Latin Percussion on floor stand
  • Orchestral Symphonic GONG with stand, 28", 36", 40"
  • Assortment of professional quality Crash Hand Cymbals with cymbal cradle stand
  • Assortment of Suspended Cymbals in various diameters, weights and tone/purpose qualities
  • Orchestra Snare Drums, assortment of wood and metal shell instruments in 5, 6.5 and 8" depth
  • 18 x 36" Ludwig Maple Shell Concert Bass Drum with Tilting Suspend Stand, Fiberskin heads
  • Concert Orchestra Marching Parade Snare Drum, Colonial Ludwig 12 x 15" 1976 Bi-Centennial Snare Drum with Ceremony Braids and American Eagle
  • All Latin Percussion Specialty and Authentic Accessories and Instruments
  • Chinese Temple Blocks, authentic with floor stand
  • Concert Toms, Gretsch 12 & 14" Double Headed, on Stands
  • Manhasset Music Stands with Extenders and Orchestral Lights

Recent Concert Performance of Collinsville, Illinois High School Symphonic Band at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum:

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Telephone: 440-877-9674
Fax: 440-877-9675
Email: kbdustman@aol.com