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Updated: 2/6/2022

The Ultimate in Glockenspiels

All Models In-Stock For Your Selection

When the world's greatest glockenspiels maker and the best vibraphone maker get together, the results
are - - well . . . as expected.

"The RT-1500 on steroids."
Rick Byers

  • 3.5 octave range C5-F8
  • High resonance steel specially formulated by Fall Creek
  • Deep, powerful sound with penetrating fundamentals and brilliant overtones - that old sound from the early 20th Century - and then some.
  • Satin Nickel plated bars that will NEVER flake.
  • NEW Double Resonance system employing precisely tuned resonators to emphasize the fundamental pitch and Reflector Panels to add even more volume. Thus, you get the advantages of BOTH resonators and a case.
  • Precisely positioned bar pins.
  • Brilliantly designed damper system that is totally embedded in the left end block -- by Nico vanderPlas, of course.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Will tune to suit your requirements - A-440, 442, etc.


  • 3.5 octaves C5-F8
  • Length-47", width (low end) 25", width (high end) 10"
  • Bars 7/16" x 1 1/4 "

After 5 years of research, testing and experimenting Fall Creek is pleased to announce...

The RT Series

Offering the sound of the renowned Round Top Glockenspiels but with even more brilliance, projection and clarity than the original. These exceptional, hand-made glockenspiels are the newest creation by percussionist, designer, builder, tuner Bill Youhass, owner of Fall Creek Marimbas.

  • Offered in two new Expanded ranges up to F8!
  • Bars 7/16" x 1 1/4"
  • Both models come in Fall Creek's extraordinary Resonator Cases™

Since their inception in 1985, the Fall Creek K-100 Glockenspiels have become the choice of artist-percussionists throughout the world...the standard by which to judge all others. Our goal was to duplicate the beauty and richness of tone and the carrying power of the legendary Leedy instruments. We know we have achieved that goal. Many feel we have surpassed it.

  • Unique Nickel-Plated bars that will NEVER flake
  • Nickel-Plated Latches
  • Luggage Quality Leather Handles
  • Mahogany Corner splines
  • Accu-Node Bar Pins™
  • Stress-Relieved Floating Rails™
  • Positive-Lock Brass Case Positioning Pins
  • Will tune all glockenspiels to suit
  • Fall Creek's extraordinary Oak "Resonator Case"

Professional Percussion Products offers 2 ways to support your K-100 Series Glockenspiel, or any other glockenspiel. We provide solutions to fit your space or budget requirements.

Equilibrium Tilting Height Adjustable Glock Stand and the "Traveler" Glockenspiel Cart

Since their inception in 1985, the Fall Creek Glockenspiels have become the choice of artist-percussionists throughout the world...the standard by which to judge all others. Our goal has been to duplicate the beauty and richness of tone and the carrying power of the classic vintage instruments of the past. We know we have achieved that goal. Many feel we have surpassed it. Here's why...

  • The Bars
...are made from imported high-carbon, high resonance steel specially treated to exact specifications in order to produce the richest, most resonant tone. They are nickel plated by a small family business where each bar is hand polished and satin-finished. This assures an unusually beautiful as well as an extraordinary durable finish.
  • The Resonator Case™ a structurally, aesthetically and acoustically integrated part of Fall Creek Glockenspiels. As the original "deep box" design in glockenspiels, the idea is an outgrowth of the Orff xylophone "boxes" which are simple but magnificent resonators. Its extra depth acts as a tremendous resonating chamber, adding to the volume of fundamentals AND all overtones, a very desirable characteristic in glockenspiels. It also lengthens the decay time of the bars, unlike individual resonators which primarily focus on the fundamental pitch but also shorten the decay time. And finally, the exquisite oak construction makes for a lifetime of durability and beauty. (Other woods also available on special order.)
  • The Suspension System
Brass Accu-Node™ bar pins carefully located on curved rails to correctly locate the nodes; several layers of Dacron over felt.
  • Stress-Relieved Floating Rails™
The original Fall Creek "Floating Rail" design, in which the rails float on felt insulation, virtually eliminating case noise and increasing volume and sustain, is carried another step by removing all stress from the curved rails.
  • Flight Case
Custom designed flight case available for all models.

Many of our customers asked if there was a way to have a protective flight case and still have the option of ordering the glockenspiels in the beautiful oak cases for which we are so well known. We have designed just such a case - a truly heavy-duty road case into which you may put the entire instrument. As with the older design, the newer flight case also has aluminum edges and corners, recessed twist locks and spring-loaded handles. These cases are made for us by King Kong Kases.

Features subject to change

The care and attention to detail in the integration of these features makes Fall Creek the finest glockenspiel available today.

  • Straight brass pins and nylon cord over felt allow completely free vibration

  • Stress Relieved Floating Rails™ virtually eliminate case noise

  • Brass Accu-Node™ Bar Pins on curved Rails

  • Nickel Plated Latches, Leather Handles and Mahogany corner splines

  • Flight Case Protects the beauty of your Fall Creek Glockenspiel

For Factory-Direct Ordering Visit our Showroom or Contact us to Schedule an Appointment

Telephone: 440-877-9674
Fax: 440-877-9675